Kate Garner

"I'm a 35 year old female that started taking BE Biotin because I was experiencing thinning hair.  I didn't want to take a lot of drugs/chemicals as my dermatologist suggested so I starting looking into more natural options.  I found BE Biotin and was very impressed with the supplements that it had in it.  Within the first couple weeks of taking it I noticed that my nails were getting very strong and were growing like crazy!  I've now been taking it for about 2.5 months and I've noticed that I'm losing less hair each time I shower - and I'm even starting to see a tiny bit of new growth in one of the areas that was VERY thin!!  I'm so happy with this product and will continue to take it with hopes of even more new growth!!  Thank you so very much for offering a natural treatment option for hair loss!!"

Juan Monslave Wagner

"I began taking BE Biotin over 5 months ago. My hair was getting thinner and falling out at a fast rate. Being 24 and male, the last thing that I wanted to go through is losing my hair. However, after 3 months of taking BE Biotin I noticed my hair got thicker and did not fall out as much as it did before. Even though I still have a full head of hair, I can start to see new growth at the temples which I did not have before. Apart from that, I am eating a clean diet, no soda, chocolate, or foods containing high fructose corn syrup. What I like about my BE Biotin is that it lists its ingredients clearly, and being from South America, I know that these are ingredients that south americans use as home-made remedies to fight off baldness. The best advice for non-believers is to keep a positive mind, take the biotin DAILY with plenty of water to dissolve it in your stomach, and forget about your hair falling out. Thank you BE Biotin and the whole team for a quality product and keeping customers like me happy!"

Jessica Onetti

"My husband is 33 and was expecting his hair to start falling out as it has with the other men in his family. He started taking BE Biotin and within the first week we both saw a difference in the amount of hair that was lost when he showered or on his pillow in the morning. The results were so obvious that I couldn't wait to start taking it myself after I weened our fist daughter. I experienced hair loss after her birth and made a personal choice not to take any supplements until she was done nursing. I also saw a dramatic difference in the amount of hair I lost when I showered and was surprised to notice that my skin had fewer breakouts during my cycle, my nails grew out white and strong and I got such an energy boost when I took my daily pill. I've replaced my afternoon coffee with vitamins! Now we both never forget to take our BE Biotin. It's become a part of our daily routine."

Julia King

"Love BE Biotin! I started using it to strengthen my fragile hair and help it grow longer. I have a hard time growing my hair long - it tends to break at the ends and I end up having to trim more often, so it's a slow process. Over a few months of use I did notice an improvement in the strength and thickness of my hair, which lead to longer hair...FINALLY! What surprised me most was the noticeable difference in my skin and nails after only a few weeks. I had thought of BE Biotin as a hair product, so was not expecting to see such a difference in the tone and clarity of my skin! I realized that all my other products were topical, and that to create a long lasting change to my hair, skin and nails I needed a supplement that worked from the inside out. BE Biotin is a great compliment to my existing beauty routine!"

"I LOVE BE Biotin – my hair is so much healthier and has been growing like a weed.  I am on my third bottle and LOVE it!  Thank you!  I highly recommend it!"

Ashley smith