"When will I start to see results with BE Biotin?"

You will first start to notice that shedding of the hair is greatly reduced after about two weeks of consistent use, which will give the hair an overall thicker and fuller appearance. Nails become stronger, and skin clarity will also start to enhance. Clients have reported seeing new growth in thinning areas at the 1-2 month mark of daily use. Keep in mind that everyone's body is different, and I've found the most important factor when seeing results is taking your daily dose (one capsule).


"How is BE Biotin different from other Biotin on the market?"

BE Biotin isn't just Biotin - our formula is the only biotin on the market that includes an all-natural herbal complex that lowers the hormone that causes hair loss and thinning. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a hormone that rises in our bodies as we age. Scientists have discovered a direct connection between elevated DHT levels and hair loss, and the function of most prescription hair loss treatments is to lower DHT levels. The problem? Prescription hair loss treatments come with a long list of side effects. BE Biotin's herbal complex, which includes Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed and Pygeum, lowers DHT levels safely and naturally.


"Will BE Biotin make all of the hair on my body grow?"

Rest easy, BE Biotin won't cause all of the hair on your body to grow wild. Our body hair receives a different molecular signal than the hair on our heads. In simple terms, body hair only grows to a certain length, which is why our hair stylist doesn't have to trim our arm hair every time we go in for a haircut - whereas the hair on our head will continue to grow and grow if it isn't trimmed. 

These different signals are also why we don't lose our body hair when experiencing thinning or hair loss on our scalps. 


"I've heard that taking Biotin can cause breakouts in people with acne prone skin. Is there truth to this?"

Before publicly releasing BE Biotin I had the chance to test it out with clients, most of whom I've been cutting for 10+ years. I had also heard of this side effect of Biotin, and had several clients who were worried about this as well. I'm happy to report that none of my acne prone clients complained of any adverse effects, and client feedback about the overall clarity of their skin when taking BE Biotin was actually noticeably enhanced.